Lomiko Metals sees a large graphene market ahead, says Graphene Labs already sold to over 4,000 customers including Ford, Samsung, LG and Sony

Graphene Laboratories recently signed a two-year strategic alliance agreement with Canada's Lomiko Metals, the owner of several resource properties containing high-grade graphite. Graphite Investor News posted an interesting interview with Lomiko Metals' CEO, A. Paul Gill.

Mr. Gill says that he sees a "huge market" for graphene, as billions of dollars have already been spent on research and development. Gill says that Graphene Labs alone have sold graphene products to over 4,000 customers, including Ford, Sony, Samsung, LG, the US Army and NASA.

Actually market research firms are not so optimistic about the graphene market. Lux Research forecast that the graphene market will grow to only $126 million in 2020 - up from $9 million in 2012. An impressive growth, but still an overall small market. IdTechEx forecasts that the market for graphene will only amount to $100 million in 2018.

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Posted: Apr 09,2013 by Ron Mertens