Paragraf acquires Cardea Bio, renames it Paragraf USA

UK-based Paragraf has acquired U.S-based Cardea Bio, maker of graphene biosensors. Cardea Bio has been renamed Paragraf USA and Michael Heltzen, CEO and co-founder of Cardea Bio, became EVP of Strategy at Paragraf USA.

“Joining Paragraf allows us to use the world’s only mass-produced, transfer-free monolayer graphene to manufacture the state-of-the art graphene-based biosensors developed by the Cardea team over the last ten years. We are looking forward to unlocking powerful synergistic effects to advance the broad and growing use of graphene biosensors for the benefit of both people and the planet,” says Heltzen.


Paragraf mass produces graphene electronics using transfer-free graphene and standard semiconductor processes. Cardea Bio produces graphene-based biocompatible chips.

“The world-leading IP and expertise in graphene-electronic-based molecular detection using CRISPR and other bioassay methods from Cardea Bio, combined with Paragraf’s ground-breaking developments in scalable graphene production processes will deliver a strong pipeline of bio-sensing products aimed at solving major global challenges,” says Simon Thomas, Paragraf CEO and co-founder.

“These products will strengthen surveillance of the quality and integrity of our food production processes, markedly improve early detection of disease and monitor the health of our environment. With our existing product lines of current, position and cryogenic sensors – all built on graphene – they will advance Paragraf’s vision of Healthy People, Healthy Cities and Healthy Planet.”

Posted: May 02,2023 by Roni Peleg