Smartphone with bendable graphene-based touch screen unveiled at Chinese tech fair

A Chinese company (possibly called Interim, though details are sketchy) presented a fully bendable smartphone with a graphene-based screen during a trade show at Nanping International Conventional Center in Chongqing. The bendable touch display weighs 200g, and the smartphone can be worn around the wrist. The display is rumoured to be an OLED display with a diagonal of 5.2 inches.

There are no substantial details about the company behind the graphene smartphone and what the plans are to bring the graphene phone to market. It's not clear what the meaning of a "graphene-based" display is, in this case. While graphene can theoretically be used to make light emitting devices, it's highly unlikely that this is the case here. My guess would be that this is a flexible OLED display (could also be a flexible LCD, but that's unlikely) with a graphene-based touch panel.

Other possibilities include a graphene encapsulation layer (not likely), a graphene-based substrate (which is something that is claimed in one of the Chinese sources of this story), or perhaps an OLED display with graphene electrodes. While these solutions are possible, it's not likely as these technologies are quite far from commercialization.

Another possibility is that the phone case itself is based on a graphene composite, and in this case there is no graphene used in the display.

Graphene is indeed a great material that will find many uses in the display (and lighting) industry. To learn more, check out our market report that focuses on graphene for display and lighting.

Posted: Apr 29,2016 by Roni Peleg