Talga launches Phase 2 processing plant in Germany

Talga Resources announced the commissioning of its Phase 2 processing plant in Germany, an expansion which will bring about increased capacity for their development of graphene production techniques. While Talga is not yet up to full scale mining at its Vittangi project in Sweden, it has aimed to develop graphite and graphene product specifications and identify applications that will improve the performance of existing industrial materials.

New production cells installed at the Rudolstadt test-work facility have upgraded processing ability from 10kg to 50kg slabs of graphite per cell, with a total ore feed capacity of 365kg. Talga utilizes electrochemical exfoliation to unzip layers of graphite at the atomic level from raw slabs of high grade Vittangi graphite, as well as a proprietary recovery and concentration process.


New programs for testing Talga's micrographite and graphene have commenced at the Centre for Advanced Electronics Dresden and the Energy Innovation Centre at University of Warwick, UK.

In May 2015, Talga announced the location of its new plant and in March 2015, the company raised $4.2 million USD to boost its operation.

Posted: Apr 13,2016 by Roni Peleg