Talga opens UK center for battery material technology

Talga Group has announced it has opened its new Battery Center of Excellence in Cambridge, UK. The center is a significant expansion of Talga’s UK R&D facilities, first launched in 2016.

Focusing on battery material innovations, development and characterization, the center is designed to complement Talga’s existing facilities in Sweden (Talnode®-C EV qualification production and battery
quality control labs) and Germany (processing technology scale-up and graphene production).

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Applied Graphene Materials updates on ongoing talks with potential interested parties

In November 2022, Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) announced that it aimed to raise money to fund its operations, but was unable to do so. A month later, AGM said it received non-binding indicative proposals for its sale or the sale of its main operating subsidiary. Now, AGM updated on its continuing discussions with various parties that had submitted non-binding indicative proposals for either the sale of its trade and assets, or of shares in its main operating subsidiary.

The AIM-traded company initially sought non-binding indicative proposals from interested parties with a view to completing a transaction by the end of January. It later said that completing a transaction on a solvent basis would likely require shareholder approval at a general meeting, as well as other regulatory approvals.

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Graphene-silicon dioxide composite enables optical tractor beam that can pull macroscopic objects via laser light

Researchers from QingDao University of Science and Technology have created a proof-of-concept optical tractor beam that can pull macroscopic objects via laser light. 

In the study, the research team essentially amplified the force with which light can pull objects. They accomplished this by developing a composite structure made of graphene-silicon dioxide that, when irradiated with a laser, creates a reverse temperature difference—in other words, the side facing away from the laser warms up. This causes the gas molecules on their back side to receive more energy, pushing the object toward the laser’s source. When conducted in a rarified gas environment, the force was strong enough to move macroscopic objects.

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Graphenea expands its mGFET product line with an integrated reservoir for biosensing in liquid

Graphenea recently upgraded its mGFET line of products with a built-in reservoir for liquids. This enhancement increases ease of use for biosensing and implementation in clinical testing and rapid screening.

The mGFET product line is designed to minimize barriers to adoption of graphene as a biosensor. The product was launched at the same time as the Graphenea Card, a socket for housing the mGFET and interfacing with measurement electronics. The addition of the built-in reservoir lets the user focus on the biochemistry, without worrying about producing the graphene or the sensor, or about interfacing.

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First Graphene signs JDA with Suvo Strategic Minerals for low-emission cement and concrete

First Graphene Limited has entered into a joint development agreement (JDA) with fellow ASX-listed company Suvo Strategic Minerals Limited, to research and develop low emission cement and concrete products.

The agreement aims to investigate the potential for further improvements in CO2 emission reductions by combining the already successful outcomes achieved from the addition of graphene to cement and concrete with Suvo’s metakaolin (a pozzolanic material derived from fine kaolinite clay that can be used as a partial replacement for clinker in cement) to deliver strength and performance improvements to concrete and mortar products.

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Mito, Cardea Bio spearhead ISO graphene standardization efforts

Specialty chemicals company Mito Material Solutions  and Cardea Bio recently announced significant progress in the international efforts to standardize graphene together with the National Institute of Standards (NIST). Brett Goldsmith, PhD, chief technology officer (CTO) at Cardea, recently returned from the International Standards Organization (ISO) meeting that took place at the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL), during which graphene material documentary standards reportedly took important steps forward.

“We see a bright future for diagnostic tools based on graphene electronics, but we’re not waiting for that future — we’re making it happen!” Goldsmith says. “Part of that means driving reliability and predictability in the graphene material industry. That’s why we are committed to supporting the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO TC 229.”

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All-Canadian Project Arrow concept unveiled at CES, with graphene battery tech by VoltaXplore

Project Arrow, a collaboration between nearly 60 different companies in Canada that is led by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA), aims to develop an all-Canadian electric SUV. A few days ago, at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event in Las Vegas, a fully operational prototype was unveiled.

Reports suggest that the Canadian government contributed CAD$5 million (over USD$3.7 million) toward the electric compact SUV’s development. Ontario pledged CAD$1.8 million (over USD$1.3 million) and Quebec said it would allocate CAD$1.4 million (over USD$1 million) over 18 months to small- and medium-sized businesses that make connected or autonomous zero-emission automotive components and systems, including those looking to get involved with Project Arrow.

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New material made from a covalent network of fullerenes dubbed "grapehene's cousin"

A team of researchers from Columbia University, University of Virginia, University of Rhode Island, Amherst College, Barnard College and Harvard University have discovered a new type of carbon material: graphullerene.

The material is a new 2D form of carbon made up of layers of linked fullerenes peeled into ultrathin thin flakes from a larger graphullerite crystal—similarly to the way graphene is peeled from crystals of graphite.

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Graphenea reports financial figures for 2022 with 34% growth rate

Graphenea recently released its financial results for 2022, highlighting an impressive growth rate and the successful launch of a new business.

Consolidated revenue for 2022 amounted to €4.18 million , reflecting a 34% year-over-year growth rate. Additionally, the Company achieved a positive EBITDA of €0.78 million , demonstrating a strong financial performance.

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