BGT's graphene-FETs are actually available for mass production now

A few days ago we reported on Bluestone Global Tech's new graphene based Field Effect Transistors. We have discussed it with BGT and have some more details on this exciting development. So first of all, we reported that the Gray-FETs are currently offered for research only, but BGT says that they are using a fab that can produce these in volume "to meet most demands". So this is suitable for commercial applications.

In fact BGT is already in talks with several academic and industrial customers. Having a standard GFET product can save a lot of time and will enable those customers to develop their own products based on these transistors faster then if they need to first develop the GFET themselves.

The price of those GFETs is still expensive though and it is likely that it will take some time before we'll see a product based on those transistors on the market. In any case, BGT says that these transistors may find their way into applications such as gas sensors, chemical sensors, photodetectors, and graphene electronic circuits.

In addition, in my article I stated that each GFET array has 64 devices. But in true, not all of them are activated now. Some are reserved for "more advanced devices" that will be available in the future. If you buy this chip now, each array will only have 36 GFETs. Each GFET, by the way, is about 1 square millimeter in size.

Posted: Oct 12,2013 by Ron Mertens