The EU launched a new project to improve CVD graphene process

The EU launched a new project called GLADIATOR (Graphene Layers: Production, Characterization and Integration) that aims to improve the quality and size of CVD graphene sheets and reduce the production cost.

GLADIATOR directly targets the transparent electrodes market and will demonstrate that ITO can be matched on performance (over 90% transparency and a resistance of less than 10 W/sq) and cost (under 30 €/m2). During the project, they will produce ultraviolet organic photodiodes and large area flexible OLEDs.

The Gladiator team hopes to achieve these goals by:

  • optimizing the performance of CVD graphene using doping

  • increasing the throughput and size of CVD batch reactors

  • improving the process by which graphene is transferred from the CVD catalysts to the application substrate.

The project began on November 1st, and will run for 42 months. The project partners include Aixtron, Graphenea, Amcor flexibles, Organic Electronic Technologies, the Fraunhofer COMEDD, CEA, Leibnitz IOM and more.

Posted: Nov 14,2013 by Ron Mertens