December 2023

Researchers examine brucite/graphene composites for improved electronics

Researchers at the University of Bologna have introduced and considered a single layer of brucite Mg(OH)2, a 2D material that can be easily produced by exfoliation (like graphene from graphite), for the creation of van der Waals composites (known as heterostructures, or heterojunctions), where two monolayers of different materials are stacked and held together by dispersive interactions. 

First principles simulations showed that brucite/graphene composites can modify the electronic properties (position of the Dirac cone with respect to the Fermi level and band gap) according to the crystallographic stacking and the presence of point defects. This could be meaningful for various applications, such as electronics. 

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Nanotech Energy announces its graphene-based batteries are available for pre-order

It was recently announced that Nanotech Energy is offering its graphene-based 18650 cells for pre-order through its commercialization partner, Voltaplex.

The cells bring together Nanotech Energy's electrolyte and proprietary electrodes with Soteria metallized polymer current collectors to create a major advancement in battery technology. The result, as per the Company, is a 100% American-made non-flammable lithium-ion battery pack that has shown its strength and flexibility survived a remarkable abuse trial.

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Blacklidge uses proprietary graphene composites to develop next-generation asphalt

Blacklidge Emulsions, a Mississippi-based company that develops asphalt technology, recently announced that it is developing next-generation asphalt products enhanced with graphene. The developement will be done through a collaboration between Blacklidge and TLC Products. The two companies are combining their respective niche expertise to further the performance, safety and sustainability of asphalt pavement throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world.

“A little bit goes a long way,” says Charles Chang, founder of TLC. “Our patented process, licensed from Rutgers University, produces covalent bonded graphene mixed with various polymers to dramatically improve their mechanical properties. We use graphite and recycled plastics as raw materials, opening a new path to bring low-cost graphene to industries like asphalt in ways never thought possible on such a broad scale”. Among other benefits, TLC’s graphene-composites will absorb ultraviolet light from the sun and reduce degradation of the organic components of the “glue” that holds asphalt together –– often the weakest link contributing to pavement breakdown.

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Researchers use graphene and boron nitride to develop new brain-like transistor that mimics human intelligence

Researchers at Northwestern University, MIT, Harvard University, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars Program and Japan's National Institute for Materials Science have developed a graphene-based synaptic transistor capable of higher-level thinking.

The device simultaneously processes and stores information just like the human brain. In new experiments, the researchers demonstrated that the transistor goes beyond simple machine-learning tasks to categorize data and is capable of performing associative learning.

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Researchers create stretchable graphene–hydrogel interfaces for wearable and implantable bioelectronics

Researchers from Zhejiang University, Zhiyuan Research Institute and Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications have reported a thin elastic conductive nanocomposite that is formed by cryogenically transferring laser-induced graphene (LIG) to a hydrogel film. 

The low-temperature atmosphere enhances the interfacial bonding between the defective porous graphene and the crystallized water within the hydrogel. Using the hydrogel as an energy dissipation interface and out-of-plane electrical path, continuously deflected cracks can be induced in the LIG leading to an over fivefold enhancement in intrinsic stretchability. 

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Stolt Tankers applies graphene coating technology to the hull of a chemical tanker

Earlier this year, Stolt Tankers entered an agreement with Graphite Innovations & Technology (GIT) for graphene-based marine coating to be applied on 25 ships. Now, Stolt Tankers has announced it is the first shipping company to apply a cutting-edge sustainable coating to the hull of one of its chemical tankers, Stolt Lotus.

The X-GIT FUEL graphene technology, developed by Graphite Innovation & Technologies (GIT) Coatings, has the potential to reduce fuel consumption and resulting greenhouse gas emissions. X-GIT FUEL is a hard foul release hull coating that creates an ultra-low friction surface to increase vessel performance, without the use of biocides, silicon oils or toxic components. The coating is expected to provide fuel savings of between five and seven percent by decreasing the friction between the hull and the water and removing marine growth as the ship travels.

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Nanotech Energy announces launch of graphene batteries production plant Chico 2

Nanotech Energy has announced that graphene-based battery cells will go into full production in early 2024 at its new 150MW manufacturing facility Chico 2.

Nanotech Energy successfully completed trial weeks at Chico 2 in November and December. Almost all equipment is now in place at the Chico, CA site, and final processes are being refined ahead of a launch that will eventually generate 30,000 18650 battery cells per day.

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Copper-graphene composites could lead to better electrical wires and motors

Researchers at North Carolina State University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have found that graphene can enhance an important property of metals called the temperature coefficient of resistance. 

They showed that mixing graphene in just the right proportion with copper could lead to improved electrical wires for more efficient electricity distribution to homes and businesses, as well as more efficient motors to power electric vehicles and industrial equipment. The team has applied for a patent for the work, which was supported by the Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office.

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Directa Plus enters deal for system to be used for graphene compounds

Directa Plus has revealed that it has signed a deal with an unnamed Italian innovator to buy the technology for a system capable of preparing tailored graphene compounds. According to the Company, this technology will initially be used in batteries and polymers.

It explained that the acquired know-how and technology would help to enable the dry encapsulation of G Plus graphene nanoplatelets into different compound carriers for different exacting applications.

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NanoXplore announces commissioning of graphene-enhanced silicon and anode active material pilot lines

NanoXplore has announced the successful commissioning of two anode material pilot lines, reportedly achieving remarkable energy density and product validation. The Company called this 'a pivotal moment in NanoXplore’s ongoing commitment to advancing sustainable energy storage solutions'.

NanoXplore’s proprietary silicon graphene technology (SiG™) produced in the pilot line, has achieved an energy density of 1150 Wh/L, and demonstrated compatibility with conventional graphite anodes, resulting in an energy density of over 800 Wh/L. NanoXplore remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of energy storage capabilities using its advanced materials technology. The SiG™ family is supported by 11 patents which cover a range of different chemistries and extend to all cylindrical cell form factors.

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