Graphene investing and financials

EU project GATEPOST is kicking off

A new project called GATEPOST, funded by the European research and development program Horizon Europe and part of the Graphene Flagship Initiative, has been launched. 

To realize the potential of IoT and 5G/6G applications, high-performance computing with low power consumption is required. Reliable security solutions will also be essential to combat the growing number of cyber-attacks. Existing solutions cannot meet these new requirements, as they tend to lag behind in terms of performance, latency and operational costs. This is where the GATEPOST project comes in, aiming to revolutionize computing and security with a ground-breaking graphene-based approach. 

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New Horizon Europe project MUNASET launched for graphene-based biosensor platform

A new Horizon Europe project has kicked off called MUNASET. The project will aim to develop a rapid, highly sensitive and easy-to-use graphene-based biosensor platform to address therapy response prediction and allow faster and more precise treatment identification, improve therapy outcomes and reduce hospitalization time. MUNASET will also help secure Europe’s industrial leadership over the entire value chain of novel graphene-based bio-analytical tools. 

The MUNASET consortium received funding for over €4 million to cover activities for four years and is under the leadership of Professor Alexey Tarasov, Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences. It is composed of six partners across four European countries: Germany, Finland, Belgium and Spain. The consortium members include: Graphenea Semiconductor SL, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Mainz University Medical Center and ProActive Ltd. The MUNASET project is a new member of the Graphene Flagship initiative.

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Haydale secures SMART funding to accelerate development of graphene infused heat transfer fluids

Haydale has announced the award of a SMART Flexible Innovation Support Grant ("SMART FIS") from the Welsh Government, to accelerate development of ultra-efficient, graphene infused heat transfer fluids.  This support will assist in the development and proof of concept of scientific innovations, in a commercial setting.

Hydratech, a division of Liquitherm Technologies Group and longtime manufacturer of aqueous-based heat transfer fluids, have been awarded a collaborative SMART FIS to work in partnership with Haydale on the project.

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New 2DNEURALVISION project will develop low-power consumption, adverse weather, low light computer vision systems based on graphene and 2D materials

The Horizon Europe project 2DNEURALVISION kicked off on 9 – 10 October in Castelldefels, Barcelona. Funded with €5.5 Million from the European Commission, the initiative will seek to investigate the next generation of computer vision and, to develop enabling photonic and electronic integrated circuit components for a novel low-power consumption computer vision system that could be used under adverse weather and low light conditions, based on graphene and 2D materials.

The 2DNEURALVISION project will carry out leading-edge research in the field of 2D materials for wide-spectrum image sensing and vision systems. Its scientific achievements will aim to drive disruptive improvements in the automotive, AR/VR, service robotic and mobile device sectors, which expect to have a major impact on society.

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Australian Research Council launches research hub for advanced manufacturing with 2D Materials

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has announced the launch of the ARC Research Hub for advanced manufacturing with 2D Materials. The hub aims to develop the application of 2D materials for water treatment, batteries, functional paints and coatings and other key areas of economic and technological interest.

“The ARC proudly supports research excellence that positively impacts everyday Australians and this is evident in the establishment of the ARC Research Hub for advanced manufacturing with 2D Materials,” said Dr. Richard Johnson, deputy chief executive officer, ARC. “Among the research outcomes expected to emerge from the hub will be high-powered, low-cost graphene-based supercapacitors, capable of storing energy for use in electric vehicles, as well as improvements in the supply chain of materials used in the manufacturing of these devices, allowing industry to thrive,” continued Dr. Johnson.

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New project called GRAPHERGIA to revolutionize energy harvesting in textiles and battery technology

A consortium of 11 partners from six European countries has launched the GRAPHERGIA project, an ambitious 3.5-year Research and Innovation program, funded by €4.5 million under the Horizon Europe's Graphene Flagship initiative.

Aimed at redefining the integration of energy solutions into everyday life, GRAPHERGIA aims to transform how we use and store energy. Its main goal is to develop and deploy cutting-edge graphene-based materials into energy harvesting and storage devices. These advances would enable scalable and cost-efficient production of two-dimensional (2D) material technologies for a wide array of applications.

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NanoXplore reports its financial results for Q3 2023

NanoXplore reported its financial results for Q3 2023. Total revenues were $28.9 million CAD, up 6% from last year. The net loss was $448,000 (compared to a loss of $1.97 million last year). The company's cash and equivalents at the end of the quarter was $39.5 million CAD. NanoXplore expects its revenues for the year ending June 30, 2024 to reach $130 million.

In September 2023 NanoXplore announced new business representing over $17 Million in annual sales. The company says its graphene initiatives are steadily growing and it is "well positioned to deliver the returns our shareholders are expecting from us".  NanoXplore's graphene enhanced composite light weighting solutions are gaining momentum, and more OEMs are interested in its products. 

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Avadain raises $4.5 Million through Netcapital

Avadain has completed a $4.5m capital offering through Netcapital, a digital private capital markets ecosystem. Avadain had already raised approximately $1.4 million through its initial offering on the Netcapital funding portal platform in 2022.

The Company plans to use the capital to continue its mission of growing its green, globally patented process for manufacturing a unique form of graphene. The Company envisions the application of its graphene in a myriad of industries.

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