Graphene investing and financials

G6 Materials announces its latest financial results

G6 Materials Corporation announced its latest quarterly results for the quarter that ended on November 2022. Revenues increased to $490,527 (up from $320,204 last year) and net loss was $911,886, up from a net loss of $610,265 last year.

G6 Materials Launches Breathe+ Pro Advanced Antimicrobial Graphene Air Filtration System image

Gross profit, however, increased from $39,383 to $201,471 primarily due to a change in product sales mix. In July 2022, G6M announced the launch and immediate availability of the Breathe+ Pro Advanced Antimicrobial Graphene Air Filtration System.

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Applied Graphene Materials says its shares will stop trading soon as it still searches for a buyer

In November 2022, Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) announced that it aimed to raise money to fund its operations, but was unable to do so. AGM Later said it received non-binding indicative proposals for its sale.

AGM now announced that trading in its shares will be suspended from next Wednesday (February 1st) as the company confirmed it will not publish its reports by the market deadline. The company has until the end of February before it runs out of money.

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Applied Graphene Materials updates on ongoing talks with potential interested parties

In November 2022, Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) announced that it aimed to raise money to fund its operations, but was unable to do so. A month later, AGM said it received non-binding indicative proposals for its sale or the sale of its main operating subsidiary. Now, AGM updated on its continuing discussions with various parties that had submitted non-binding indicative proposals for either the sale of its trade and assets, or of shares in its main operating subsidiary.

The AIM-traded company initially sought non-binding indicative proposals from interested parties with a view to completing a transaction by the end of January. It later said that completing a transaction on a solvent basis would likely require shareholder approval at a general meeting, as well as other regulatory approvals.

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Nationwide Engineering secures over $9.5 million for graphene-enhanced concrete

Nationwide Engineering Research and Development (NERD) has raised £8 million (over USD$9.5 million) in seed funding as it looks to commercialize a graphene-enhanced building material called Concretene. The funding came from the venture capital firm LocalGlobe.

Team from The University of Manchester and Nationwide Engineering laying the world's first graphene concrete image

NERD, a company founded by Nationwide Engineering Group, developed Concretene with the goal of creating a stronger and more sustainable product than traditional concrete by adding a graphene formulation into the hydration process of concrete development. NERD said that when deployed on active construction projects, Concretene was as much as 30-50% stronger than standard concrete.

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Graphjet signs LO for new production plant

Malaysia-based graphite and single-layer graphene producer, Graphjet Technology (GTI), recently signed a Letter of Offer to build its RM400 million (over USD$90 million) production facility in the Phase 3 of Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park.

Graphjet's patented technology aims to transform palm kernel shell, a waste from palm kernel production, into single-layer graphene, at a significantly lower cost than the current production of single-layer graphene. The production plant is expected to produce 10,000 tonnes of graphite and 60 tonnes of single-layer graphene annually. 

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Applied Graphene Materials in talks with 'various parties' regarding takeover

Last month, Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) reported a failed attempt to raise funds, which caused  AGM shares to plunge. Now, Applied Graphene Materials said it received non-binding indicative proposals for its sale or the sale of its main operating subsidiary.

The graphene materials maker said it is in discussions with the parties involved and expects final proposals in early January. After this, the board would select a preferred bidder to progress with. Applied added that there can be no certainty any final proposals will be made, nor the terms of any proposals made.

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First Graphene and University of Manchester secure funding to advance graphene-enhanced supercapacitor material

First Graphene has announced it has secured grant funding, in conjunction with the University of Manchester (UoM), for the next stage of research into commercializing graphene-enhanced supercapacitor materials.

Awarded through Innovate UK’s “Accelerated Knowledge Transfer to Innovate” scheme (AKT2I),
the grant will be used to fund a project intended to accelerate development and optimization of a
graphene-metal-oxide slurry for manufacturing high energy density supercapacitors.

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GMG announces an investment of over $400,000 to boost battery pouch cell customer testing and development

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has provided an update on the ongoing investment in its Battery Development Centre (BDC), saying its board of directors has approved an additional A$600,000 (around USD$405,000) in capital expenditure to accelerate the progress of semi-automatic pouch cell prototype production for customer trials and Graphene Aluminium Ion (G+AI) Battery cell development.

GMG noted that it has also successfully increased its organizational capacity by attracting new staff experienced in pouch cell manufacturing, thereby enabling the acceleration of its battery performance optimization program.

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PlanarTECH on its way to its best year ever, gets ready for its second crowdfunding round

UK-based PlanarTECH offers R&D and production-scale equipment and services for all classes of emerging 2D materials and carbon-based materials such as CNTs and CVD diamonds. In 2020 planarTECH launched a successful equity crowdfunding campaign as it aims to expand its business and enter new markets such as industrial CVD graphene production systems and material production.

We have recently talked to the company's CEO, J. Patrick Frantz, who gives us the latest business and technology updates from PlanarTECH.

Q: Can you update us on your latest business activities, with a focus on graphene?

We had a very difficult time during the pandemic, as many companies did. From July 2020 through June 2021 we shipped just one CVD system. However, we started to see a resumption of customer activity towards the end of 2021 as labs reopened and people around the world got back to work. For 2022, we’re seeing a complete recovery and are on our way to the best year we’ve ever had in terms of sales.

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