Talga outlines plans for graphene products

Talga Resources has outlined its updated commercialization strategy. It is seeking to unlock early commercialization opportunities based on the production of four specific graphene products for use within targeted industrial markets. The development of these product lines is in addition to the supply of raw graphene and graphite materials which has been the Company’s focus to date.

The new strategy is reportedly a progression made possible by the growth of Talga’s pilot plant facility in Germany. Recent equipment scale up and a significant boost to the Company’s technical team enables this new ‘applied products’ capability and expedited path to associated sources of revenue.Talga previously identified four prime industry sectors as potential markets for its graphene materials, namely coatings (including inks for printed electronics), polymer composites, building products and energy storage/harvesting. Within these sectors Talga will now direct its pilot plant output and future revenue focus to four targeted products:

  • A metal pre-treatment coating: Talga has been working with its collaboration partner Tata Steel UK Limited on corrosion coatings, amongst other products. Results will provide a platform for product development.
  • An electrically conductive ink: Talga is developing a conductive ink to replace or reduce the amount of silver used in photovoltaics and be useful for printed battery applications. This product will also be used to develop a graphene enhanced polymer offering lower weight and higher thermal and electrical performance in automotive applications. By hybridizing or replacing copper and aluminium heating elements and wires significant weight reductions can be made, assisting electric vehicles in particular where there is high demand for increased battery life and vehicle range.
  • A conductive cement product: Talga has been collaborating with a European cement company to produce a graphene cement additive that suits current market formulations, distribution and handling procedures. Talga will look to undertake a joint research program with a European university that provides product trial data to support industry adoption and partnerships. Work to date has shown the Talga product can also incorporate the 'solid waste' of graphene processing as an additive to some products.
  • A high performance membrane for energy storage/harvesting: Talga has undertaken preliminary development work on a polymer electrolyte membrane product which utilizes the thinner (few layered) graphene from its proprietary (patent pending) production process. This product targets commercial membrane and separator applications in water filtration, fuel cells, mineral processing, medical/pharmaceuticals and energy storage (batteries).
Posted: Jul 19,2016 by Roni Peleg