Graphene is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb (hexagons or chicken-wire) crystal lattice. Graphene is the world's strongest and most conductive material, and no wonder that researchers and professionals looked into graphene's potential across many applications, including sensors, batteries, conductors, displays, electronics, energy generation, medicine and more.

The commercialization of graphene is just in its infancy, but already dozens of new companies have been established to develop graphene based materials, applications, graphene production processes and other related activities.

There are many companies directly involved with graphene. Most of these companies are either private early stage companies or large companies in which graphene is just one business segment, but some pure-play graphene companies are public. Below we will list some potential graphene stocks for investors that wish to take part in the graphene revolution. For a more in-depth analysis of the possibility of investing in graphene, and a complete public companies listing, see our Graphene Investment Guide.

Pure-play graphene companies

In the past few years several graphene producers and graphene application developers started trading in stock exchanges around the world - mostly in Australia, Canada and the UK. Here we'll list some of those companies:

Versarien LogoVersarien (AIM:VRS) is an advanced materials group leveraging proprietary technology to create innovative engineering solutions for its clients in a diverse range of industries - focusing on graphene materials.

Haydale logoHaydale (AIM:HAYD) is a UK-based supplier of functionalized graphene and related technologies. Haydale is mostly involved with graphene composite solutions and graphene-based inks. In 2016 Haydale acquired ACMC, a US-based silicon carbide whisker manufacturer.

Applied Graphene Materials (AIM: AGM) was established in 2010 as a spin-off from Durham UniversApplied Graphene Materials logoity to develop a new graphene synthesis method and produce graphene materials. AGM's technology is a unique patented scalable 'bottom-up' CVD approach to produce graphene. AGM is a public company that lists in the UK's AIM stock exchange. AGM mainly targets graphene composites, coatings, lubricants, thermal management solutions and energy storage devices.

G6 Materials logo imageG6 Materials (TSX: GGG), formerly known as Graphene 3D Lab, focuses on development of high-performance graphene-enhanced materials.

Other graphene investment options

Several large and public companies (such as Samsung, Intel, Nokia, IBM and Sony) are involved in graphene research. These companies may be on the forefront of graphene research - especially in high-end fields such as electronics and photonics - but graphene, even if successful, will probably represent a small portion of their business.

Another option is to invest in graphene production equipment. Aixtron SE, for example, is a provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry who offers CVD graphene production systems. Aixtron trades in the NASDAQ (ticker:AIXG). US-based CVD Equipment Corporation also offers graphene R&D and production equipment. CVD Equipment trades in the NASDAQ (ticker: CVV).

Interested in graphene investing? our graphene investment guide includes detailed information on over a dozen public graphene companies.

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The forum is open for everyone - to join the discussion simply contact us and we will provide a user name so you can comment and launch new discussions.

Further reading:

The latest graphene stocks investing and financials news:

Sparc secures R&D refund to further graphene-additive and renewables research

Sparc Technologies has received a AUD$934,000 (around USD$610,000) R&D tax refund from the Australian Government for the 2022 financial year, which provides continued support for the company’s work on projects involving graphene, green hydrogen, and sustainable batteries.

The R&D Tax Incentive scheme is a program jointly administered by the Australian Taxation Office and AusIndustry, under which companies can receive up to a 48.5% refundable tax offset of eligible expenses on research and development activities.

Read the full story Posted: May 03,2023

Haydale awarded SMART funding to bring graphene products to market

Haydale has announced that it has been awarded SMART Flexible Innovation Support ("SMART FIS") from The Welsh Government to accelerate the development of its graphene underfloor heating product and range of biomedical sensor inks.

As part of a new innovation strategy for Wales, aimed at supporting Welsh industry by increased investment in research, development, and innovation, SMART FIS will provide Haydale with funding totaling £182,843 over a two-year period. Part of this funding will enable Haydale to accelerate the development of its prototype graphene underfloor heating ("UFH") towards a market-ready CE product that can be tested in a home environment. It will support continued engagement with partners such as City Energy Network Ltd and Plumbase.

Read the full story Posted: May 03,2023

G6 Materials reports its Q1 2023 quarterly results

G6 Materials Corporation announced its latest quarterly results for the quarter that ended on February 2023. Revenues were $370k, an increase from $338k last year. Net loss in the quarter was $446k, up from a net loss of $422k last year. At the end of the quarter, the company had $1.85 million in total assets (down from $3.76 million it reported last year). 

G6 Materials Launches Breathe+ Pro Advanced Antimicrobial Graphene Air Filtration System image

In July 2022, G6M announced the launch and immediate availability of the Breathe+ Pro Advanced Antimicrobial Graphene Air Filtration System.

Read the full story Posted: May 02,2023

Evonik invests in Chinese graphene batteries company SuperC

German specialty chemicals company, Evonik, has invested (through its venture capital unit, Evonik Venture Capital (EVC)) in Chinese battery specialist SuperC. The Chinese company develops and produces graphene materials that improve the range, robustness, charging speed, and service life of lithium-ion batteries, aiming to solve key limitations of electric vehicles and accelerate the shift to climate-friendly mobility.

"By investing in SuperC, we are supporting a cutting-edge technology with a promising future. High-performance batteries are a crucial factor in accelerating the electrification of road transport and permanently reducing CO2 emissions," says Bernhard Mohr, head of Evonik's venture capital unit. The investment was made by the Sustainability Tech Fund launched in 2022, which has a total investment volume of €150 million. The Group is thus also strengthening its sustainability goals by investing in an innovative technology and business model. The focus of the fund is on new technologies to reduce emissions as well as innovations that complement Evonik's Next Generation Solutions.

Read the full story Posted: Apr 22,2023

Carbon Waters secures €2 million funding

France-based start-up Carbon Waters, specializing in the development and production of lines of high-performance industrial additives, has announced it has raised 2 million euros to industrialize its graphene-based high-performance additives production process. Carbon Waters will be ramping up its industrial production with a new pilot factory.

Carbon Waters’ unique dispersed graphene production process is at the heart of its innovation. The process allows the company to provide industrialists with “ready to use” product lines. Four years of R&D and €3 million of investment in the process have already produced two patents, with a third one on the way.

Read the full story Posted: Apr 20,2023

The Chinese Graphene Industry Association's International Cooperation Manager answers our questions on recent advances and plans for the future

The Chinese Graphene Industry Association (CGIA) was established in 2013, to help promote the graphene industry in China, and has grown to over 150 members today. Recently we talked with Minyang Lu, Deputy Secretary-General of the CGIA. Major in charge of international cooperation, some domestic projects cooperation and organizing of the GRAPCHINA conference.

Q: Hello Minyang. The CGIA has grown to be the leading graphene trade organization in China, with over 150 members. Can you describe the CGIA's main activities and work?

China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry – CGIA - was established on 13th of July 2013 in Beijing. It is a consortium of industrialized enterprises, academic institutions, and research organizations that are devoted to the research and development of graphene and graphene based products. The CGIA was established in order fulfill the needs of its members and their common interests, improve industrial technology innovation, and assist with legal contracts.

Read the full story Posted: Apr 20,2023

HydroGraph announces closing of private placement

HydroGraph Clean Power has announced the completion of a non-brokered private placement, with gross proceeds of approximately CAD$2.31 million (over USD$1,700,000).

“It is quite an exciting time where we close another oversubscribed successful funding round with strong support from our shareholders, management and new investors,” said Stuart Jara, CEO of HydroGraph. “Funding will allow us to accelerate the commercialization of our graphene including business development and customer acquisition activities. The Board and I are appreciative of the continued support of the Company, our strategy and our focus on creating shareholder value.”

Read the full story Posted: Apr 15,2023

Graphene Innovations Manchester signs $1 billion deal to tackle global sustainability challenges

A spin-out company from the graphene innovation ecosystem at The University of Manchester has formed an international partnership that will spearhead an unprecedented scale-up of graphene-based technologies intended “to make a substantial impact on global CO2 emissions”.    

UK-based Graphene Innovations Manchester (GIM), founded by University graduate Dr Vivek Koncherry, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Quazar Investment Company to create a new company in the UAE. This UK-UAE partnership - which highlights potential opportunity for UK innovators to access global investment and international markets and supply chains - will be one of the most ambitious projects to date to commercialize graphene as it fast-tracks cutting-edge R&D into large-scale manufacture – an investment vision worth a total of $1billion.

Read the full story Posted: Apr 13,2023

Nanoxplore announces purchase of Martinrea International's stake in Voltaxplore

NanoXplore and Martinrea International, a global automotive supplier engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of highly engineered, value-added Lightweight Structures and Propulsion Systems, through its subsidiary, Martinrea Innovation Developments, have announced NanoXplore's purchase of Martinrea Innovation's 50% equity stake in VoltaXplore.

NanoXplore now owns 100% of the equity and intellectual property in VoltaXplore and Martinrea has increased its existing equity position in NanoXplore from 21.1% to 22.7%. VoltaXplore was formed as a joint venture between NanoXplore and Martinrea in 2021 to collaborate on developing graphene-enhanced Li-ion battery cells for electric vehicles and grid storage and to explore the potential to build a battery gigafactory. NanoXplore will seek to finance the battery gigafactory within VoltaXplore.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 31,2023

LayerOne and SINTEF collaborate on graphene-based conductive inks project

LayerOne (formerly  Abalonyx) and SINTEF  (a Norway-based research institute) have secured funding from The Norwegian Research Council for the development of innovative, scalable and sustainable conductive inks based on reduced graphene oxide (rGO). The rGO-based inks promise improved electrical conductivity and stability surpassing traditional carbon-based inks and offering a less toxic and more cost-effective alternative to metal-based inks.

The research project is a result of LayerOne’s recent breakthrough in developing a new grade of rGO with an electrical conductivity two orders of magnitude greater than standard rGO grades. In the project, LayerOne will supply the advanced rGO materials while SINTEF will leverage and build on its experience from recently concluded projects on printed electronics to develop the new conductive inks.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 29,2023